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john bart gerald

suppressed news

            bulletins 2024 ~ current
            bulletins 2023
            bulletins 2022
            bulletins 2021
            bulletins 2020
            bulletins 2019
            bulletins 2018
            bulletins 2017
            bulletins 2016
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            bulletins 2006
            bulletins 1995 - 2005
            environment 2005 - 2009
            is-it-fascism 2004 - 2006
            traduction 22 fevrier 2010
            re. peru 2009
            re. haiti 2005
            gerald and maas 2002


genocide warnings

            genocide warnings: country locations ~ current
            warnings & updates 2007
            warnings & updates 1998-2006


genocide prevention

            "an americn challenge to genocide," 2023
            "on the use of international law as psy-war," 2023
            "peru and the people's defenses," 2023
            residential schools and other mistakes," 2023
            "allegations of genocide return to peru," 2023
            "persecution of the uyghurs as a pretext for war and profit" 2022
            "indigenous fisheries vs. mob rule" 2021
            "a knee on the neck of longterm political prisoners" 2021
            "police violence, the tip of an iceberg" 2020
            "cameroon and nigeria: the risk of breathing" 2020
            "to keep the rohingya alive" 2020
            "anglophone vs francophone in cameroon" 2019
            "on state contravention of the genocide convention" 2019
            "genocide warnings for three african states" 2019
            "ebola and the resources of eastern congo" 2019
            "a note on the crime against venezuela" 2019
            "updates: some u.s. political prisoners january 2019"
            "updates: some canadian political prisoners january 2019"
            "the trump administration's wish to 'let the icc die'" 2018
            "of genocide and those who do nothing" 2018
            "'safe third country' eh" 2018
            "when governments take children hostage" 2018
            "cameroun: the battle of languages serves colonial masters" 2018
            "why are they still in prison" 2018
            "un general assembly votes for palestinians" 2017
            "on hiding truth in canada: some updates" 2017
            "on the nuclear wasting of south carolina" (daily entry) 2017
            "the tactical use of the ukraine" 2017
            "canada and the politics of islamophobia" 2017
            "genocide denial in canada" 2016
            "arrogance, impunity and attica" 2016
            "updates for some north american political prisoners, july 2016"
            "isis as a mirror" 2016
            "canada: why aren't conditions of life for first peoples a national emergency?" 2016
            "the torture of u.s. political prisoners: some updates" 2016
            "updates: coping with oppression in canada, guatemala, ethiopia" 2016
            entry for article january 16, 2016
            entry on genocide in myanmar (article) 2015
            "on the 'ethics' of complicity in torture" 2015
            "why the genocides continue" 2014
            "the mourning hasn't begun" 2014
            "of leadership and genocide" 2014
            "canada, ukraine, and the ghosts of babi yar" 2014
            "a genocide trial in france" (.pdf) 2014
            "a political prisoners update, january 31, 2014"
            entry for article January 18, 2014
            entry for article January 17, 2014
            "of military suicides and war resisters" 2014
            "mandela and just people" 2013
            "coping with the canadian security certificate" 2013
            "roma in france" 2013
            "pelican bay, lynne stewart, ramsey muñiz, assata shakur: updates" 2013
            "on the perception management of genocide" 2013
            "on missing aboriginal women" 2013
            "syria, iraq and depleted uranium" 2013
            "genocide denial in guatemala" 2013
            "flooding in the north and the future" 2013
            "guatemala: a brave judiciary" 2013
            "good vs. evil in guatemala" 2012
            "masks of investment: a trial in guatemala" 2012
            "american political prisoners: updates of march 23, 2013"
            "what does it mean: chávez vive, la lucha sigue!" 2013
            entry for article february 2, 2013
            "on u.s. intelligence predictions for 2030" 2013
            "white collar genocidaires: an overview of genocide prevention for 2013" 2012
            "countering the far-right in greece" 2012
            "of goma..." 2012
            "first they came for the 'gypsies'..." 2012
            "on psywar against the innocent" 2012
            "l'amérique du nord et la convention contre la génocide" 2012
            "north american game plans and the convention on genocide" 2012
            "is the crime against the nuba peoples, sudan's?" 2012
            "blood earth and south africa's white farmers" 2012
            "a north american political prisoners update feb. 7, 2012"
            "against the killing of anwar al-aulaqi & others" 2010
            "nuclear notes: the savannah river watershed" 2010
            "when the 'war on terror' becomes genocide" 2010
            manifest 2007
            "the tactical use of genocide in sudan and the five lakes region" 2006
            "notes on sudan 2004 to 2007"
            "confronting the big lie" 2005
            "art & politics" 2004
            "lacklove, or notes on the crime of genocide" 2004
            "the thirdforce in rwanda and sudan" 2004
            "responding to a criminal war" 2003
            "essay on state terrorism" 2001
            "suppression of the convention on genocide" 2001
            "crimes of power: the bombing of yugoslavia" 1999
            "an essay against genocide" 1995
            "an open letter to american writers" 1994
            "suppressed news" (see above)


political prisoners

                      north american political prisoner updates
                      north american political prisoners 2004-2008
                      prisoners of war on the poor extradited from other countries
                      the detention of muslims and their defenders
                      the new campaign
                      guantanamo camp 2008
                      guantanamo camp 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
                      "guantanamo prisoners 2004"
                      canadian security certificates
                      the antiwar movement
                      sacred earth and space plowshares
                      wmd here plowshares
                      serving communities
                      the cuba five
                      the ohio seven
                      the move nine
                      defending the environment and animal rights
                      historical note: peru
                      the lucasville five
                      urgent - 2008
                      updates - 2008 



            some recent poems ongoing
            "an ottawa dawn" 2019
            "bearing news to the future" 2000
            "carefully chosen words" 2017
            "to those who didn't understand" 2017
            "european immigrants" 2017
            "#19 - if i could warn you" 2017
            "lorraine" 1985 / 2016
            "a canadian black august poem" 2013
            "the greed of death"
            "an occupation"
            "about war in north america"
            "the dissident's poem" (.pdf) 2014
            "a feeling" 2000 / 2013
            "a reflection in winter" 2012
            "a song of innocence," "wanderers," "the skrelling's welcome"
            "to all those lost..." 1991


julie maas


            "disappeared" & "green comb" 2 etchings with watercolor
            "about gaza" painting 2009
            "adelante" poster
            "because upstairs they are crazy" etching
            "eco-terrorist" painting
            "red arabesque" painting 1998/9
            "drawings of cities" graphic essay 2023
            "who is that supposed to be?" graphic essay, 2019
            "depleted uranium" painting 2001
            "daybreak" painting 1999
            "green string" painting 2008/9
            "Veracruz (Coop de Trans)", painting 1969
            some single etchings
            graphics throughout nightslantern




art & struggle

community page
gerald & maas books and art 1978 - 2024 - incomplete
gerald & maas posters




work by others

1   2   3   4   john mcnamer 2012 - 2013
1   2   3   j."kittoh" stanley 2011
"accounts come home" (1991) poem   daniel berrigan 2006
amendments to the constitution ("the bill of rights")   united states
"bones" (1997) poem   marilyn buck 2009
"california rises to prisoners? challenge to end racial hostilities"   mary ratcliff 2012
common rights & expectations   united nations texts, ed. j.b.gerald 1989/1996
the convention against genocide   united nations text 1948
excerpt from on the difficulty of ethics... (1952/1985)   albert schweitzer 2005
from iraq   kathy kelly 1998
form request   bill quigley 2005
"¿habrá más poesía! (there will be more poetry)" (2009) poem   antonio guerrero 2011
"iraq and the laws of war"   francis boyle 2005
itccs: "mass execution of children alleged"   kevin annett 2011
"law and resistance: the republic in crisis and the people's response"   francis boyle 2007
lawyers against the war & related   gail davidson, michael mandel & others 2002 - ongoing
legal resources links
"meditation on a martyr, in tribute to franz jagerstatter" (2007)   daniel berrigan 2008
"narration of facts" (2009)   ad hoc committee for justice for iraq 2014
"the north american indian holocaust"   kahentinetha horn 2005
on sanctuary   brian burch 2003
"open letter" (1998)   assata shakur 2013
"the perpetual death from america"   mohammed daud miraki 2002
"the silent genocide from america"   mohammed daud miraki 2003
tcgc mailing   kevin annett 2003
"torture by any other name: how the abomination continues"   kevin annett 2012
truth commission proposal   kevin annett 2002
tribute to posada (pre-1930)   josé guadalupe posada 2001
"u.n human rights texts concerning refugees" translation links 2017
"red cloth series" 5 poets, videos
"u.s. journalists and war crime guilt"   peter dyer 2013
"zapata," (pre-1930)   josé guadalupe posada 2006





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