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north american political prisoners, innocent, convicted or both
accused of actions defending the environment or animals

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briana waters
jonathan paul
suzanne savoie
kendall tankersley
nathan block
joyanna zacher
daniel mcgowan
darren thurston
chelsea gerlach
stanislaus meyerhoff
kevin tubbs
betty krawczyk
harriet nahanee
jacob conroy
darius fulmer
lauren gazzola
joshua harper
kevin kjonaas
andrew lloyd stepanian
peter young,
john wade,
christopher mcintosh,
harjit singh gill,
keith mann,
sarah gisborn,
tre arrow
angela cesario
jeremy rosenbloom
jacob sherman
joshua demmit
jeffrey "free" luers
sarah harvey
william rodgers
eric mcdavid

update of march 9, 2008
briana waters is the mother of a young child, a violin teacher, and the maker of a strong documentary film about saving the old trees; with the testimony as evidence by two imprisoned activists who faced much longer 35 year sentences where some charges were dropped, she was convicted of two charges carrying possible five year sentences each; she is held accountable for being a lookout, and for a rental car, in an environmentalist action against a university lab where no one was hurt; she was charged with other charges that might have occasioned an over thirty year sentence but the jury refused to convict; it is uncertain how the judge will proceed; court sentencing is on may 30, 2008; see ("woman found guilty of arson in 2001 university of washington fire," mike carter, march 6, 2008, the seattle times;"tacoma jury convicts woman of arson; hangs on other counts," civil rights outreach committee, march 6, 2008, portland independent media center)



update of august 26,2007 reports that aug. 1,   jonathan paul  was sentenced to 51 months in prison.

When he learned that mink were being inhumanely treated, he took it upon hirnsejf to infiltrate and expose that industry. When he learned of the cruelty being suffered by laboratory animals, he took it upon himself to liberate them. When old growth forests were threatened with destruction, he put his body between the trees and the chainsaws. When the moratorium on whale-hunting was breached, he put himself between the hunters and the hunted. And when he saw that wild horses - the personification of the American spirit - were being cruelly slaughtered, he acted to stop the slaughter ("post- appearance statement regarding jonathan paul's guilty plea," paul plea, nov. 8, 2006, cldc [access: ]).


update of june 9, 2007
according to the cldc material on the 'green scare' trials of these defendants:
suzanne savoie received 51 months, plus 3 years of probation, and was judged under the 'terrorism enhancement' provision; may 29th, 2007.
kendall tankersley received 46 months 3 years probation , no 'terrorism enhancement'; may 31, 2007.
* nathan block received 92 months, 'terrorism enhancement'; june 1, 2007.
* joyanna zacher, the same.
* daniel mcgowan received 7 years, 3 years probation, and 'terrorism enhancement' was applied for one of the actions; june 4, 2007.
* jonathan paul's sentencing is delayed.
"noncooperating defendants" (according to portland indymedia) are noted with a star.
sources : civil liberties defense center, june 2007 [access: ""]; for documentation see also portland independent media center, "fbi green scare," june 6, 2007 [access: ""].



update of june 2, 2007
darren thurston, 37, canadian living in oregon, pleaded guilty to a count apiece of conspiracy and arson, is judged not to be a 'terrorist' but received 37 months, a suggestion to learn more about u.s. 'democracy, a demand for $122, 497 restitution, and a note by the judge of his probable deportation to canada; his writings against the fur industry, his attempt to free wild horses, his previous arrests in canada including liberation of 29 cats from an alberta research lab, have identified him as a defender of animal rights ("environmentalist gets 37 months in prison," ap, may 29, 2007,; "arson defendant spared 'terrorist' label," jeff wright, may 30, 2007, the register-guard).

on may 25, 2007 chelsea gerlach was sentenced under "terrorism enhancement" to 108 months, with 3 years of probation.

the civil liberties defense center at is carrying thorough coverage of the green scare defendants.




update of may 25,2007

on may 23, 2007 stanislaus meyerhoff, with his sentence shortened for working with the government, drew a 13 year sentence after the judge acceded to government instructions to view radical environmentalists as 'terrorists' ("environmentalist jailed for 13 years after ruled a terrorist," amy goodman, may 24, 2007, democracy now!; "terrorist or protector ?" sara burnett, may 25, 2007, rocky mountain news); he was convicted of actions involving property damage by arson; there were no deaths or violence against people, as consistent with earth liberation front code.

on may 24, 2000 kevin tubbs associated with "the family" of the e.l.f., was found to be a "terrorist" by the state for his involvement in four of the fires, and received a sentence of 12 years 7 months (ibid., rocky mountain news; "oregon activist, kevin tubbs, gets 12 years for arsons," may 25, 2007, infoshop news); apparently he did not set any fires but has been made to regret an overwhelming concern for animals and wish to counter corporate exploitation of the peoples' environment.

daniel mcgowan is due for sentencing june 4th; the government now employs the word "terrorist" to environmental and animal rights activists, despite their unswerving lack of violence against people in any group actions; 'big-lie' tactics compare the movement to the kkk known for its violence against people; see support for daniel mcgowan, ""("help daniel mcgowan! resist 'terrorism enhancement'," may 25,2007, montreal abcf); extreme sentencing for non-lethal crimes seems an attempt to drive resisters toward violence; federal tactics of low-intensity warfare waged against american citizens isn't legal under the u.s. constitution; impartial record should be kept of eco-wildlife-environmentalist trials so judges, prosecutors and their support networks will be able to answer to history.




update of may 19, 2007
british columbia: betty krawczyk, environmental activist (protests against logging operations, highways and other eco-system destruction), 2001 minister of parliament candidate for the green party, 78 year old grandmother, was tried march 5, 2007 for contempt of court in vancouver british columbia, having defied a court injunction to vacate the sea to sky highway improvement project at eagleridge bluffs; serving an inappropriate sentence of ten months, she notes that prisoners are made to pay 90 cents for a phone call while making between $2.50 and $3.00 a day, when local payphones cost 25 cents; at alouette, women's labor can be contracted out to private companies; 'corrections' balances the justice of the charge with all the "free" calls to lawyers etc. ("prisoners' calls at a premium," matthew burrows, may 3, 2007,; "greetings from alouette correctional center for women," betty krawczyk, march 22, 2007, betty's early edition; "the air outside is pure and sweet and free," betty krawczyk, march 17, 2007, ibid..; "betty krawczyk," wikipedia [access may 19, 2007: http://]; "the sentencing of betty krawczyk," ingmar lee, march 12, 2007, counterpunch; "elderly protester sentenced to 10 months," march 5, 2007, the vancouver sun).

historical note:
co-actionist harriet nahanee, 71, a pacheena squamish elder, was sentenced to 14 days in a harsh remand centre (the court was warned, see ingmar lee, counterpunch) where she was removed to a hospital after nine days and died (counterpunch; betty's early edition; ibid.).  



'the shac 7' (stop huntingdon animal cruelty u.s.a. inc.)
members were found guilty march 2, 2006, sentenced sept. 12, 2006: jacob conroy ~ 48 months ; darius fulmer ~ year and a day; lauren gazzola ~ 52 months; joshua harper ~ 36 months; kevin kjonaas ~ 72 months ; andrew lloyd stepanian ~ 36 months ([may 19, 2007 access:];[oct. 12, 2006 access:])

peter young, john wade, christopher mcintosh, harjit singh gill, keith mann, sarah gisborn, tre arrow, joshua demmit, jeffrey "free" luers.( [oct. 12, 2006 access:]; [oct. 12, 2006 access:]; [oct. 12, 2006 access:])



'the family' &
original arrests of december 2005 from night's lantern's environment page: joseph dibee ~ not caught, chelsea gerlach, sarah harvey, daniel mcgowan, stanislas meyerhoff, josephine overaker ~ not caught, jonathan paul, rebecca rubin ~ not caught, suzanne savoie, darren thurston, kevin tubbs; indicted in the u.s. january 2006 on multiple charges of destroying mechanisms of animal cruelty or ecologically harmful targets (ref. environment page); not all are prisoners: three are still noted by the fbi as 'not caught' and william rodgers died in jail december 22, 2005 not long after his arrest; daniel mcgowan, stanislas meyerhoff, and jonathan paul, are accused in alleged elf and alf actions; arrested in december 2005 they're due for sentencing may 22 through june 5th; the larger list is fluid - those the government calls 'eco-saboteurs' vary some with the sources; a recent 148 page federal memo to the judge attempts to call the environmentalists, "terrorists"; this is part of a continuing f.b.i. campaign (ie. environment page june 3, 2005) which would justify heavier penalties; a consensus of media news sources suggests all ten have been found guilty of setting forest fires and sabotage in acts dating back to 1996, but most accounts withhold names and avoid clarity ("terror label: feds seek to 'enhance' sentences for eco-saboteurs," camilla mortensen, access of may 19, 2007, eugene weekly; "u.s. wants arsonists sentenced as terrorists," ap, access may 19, 2007, cnn,com; "government pursues 'terrorism' sentencing for environmentalists," ap, may 5, 2007, the olympian).




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