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suppressed news
concerned with the prevention of genocide
by j. b. gerald
graphics by j. maas



February 2, 2024

      Canada: Minister of Immigration Honourable Marc Miller has released a more complete version of the Rodal Report, initially released in 1985, to share with the public policies and events that led to the influx of Nazis to Canada after WWII. The report, Nazi War Criminals in Canada: the Historical and Policy Setting from the 1940s to the Present, by Alti Rodal, (Libraries and Archives Canada) helps explain Canada's current lack of resistance to fascism in its support of the genocide of Palestinians and Israel despite the International Court of Justice order that Israel prevent the genocide in Gaza (see previous). You may remember that current Prime Minister Trudeau's Cabinet Minister, Chrystia Freeland, has provided enthusiastic support of and favor to the Ukraine despite its Nazi inspired military units. According to Wikipedia the Russian press has faulted her grandfather's WWII collaboration as an editor/propagandists for the Nazis. Canada's embarrassment of Nazis was raised again by the standing ovations in 2023 for a Nazi introduced by the Prime Minister to Canadian Parliament. You may remember as well that Nazis refused entry to the U.S. often found entry into Canada where the vetting was less stringent. CBC News points out the report's awareness that the U.S. was seeking a place for Nazi the war criminals it was indebted to, and that Pierre Elliott Trudeau as Minister of Justice for Lester Pearson successfully defended the Canadian citizenship of a Latvian Nazi war criminal the Soviets found guilty in the deaths of 5128 Jews. What isn't noted in the report is that post WWII right wing Ukrainians were welcomed by the Canadian government as a buffer to the socialist anti-Nazi sentiment of returning soldiers. Genocide as a crime has no statute of limitations and in response to contemporary genocides record keeping is recommended. ( as a website maintaining evidence related to genocide and its prevention since 2001 is available for free download and storage). Partial sources: "New release of Rodal Report in commitment to transparency," News release, Feb 1, 2024, Government of Canada; "Ottawa declassifies more details from Rodal report on Nazi war criminals in Canada," Laura Osman, The Canadian Press, Feb. 1, 2024, CityNews'; "Pierre Trudeau opposed stripping accused Nazi war criminal of citizenship, government document says," Raffy Boudjikanian, Feb. 02, 2024, CBC News.


      Global: update of previous. While the U.S. and Canada have pursued a genocidal policy decision to cut funding to UNRWA the head of the United Nations organization has made it clear that without funding of the organization it's likely the Gazan people will all die. Canadian officials are making an effort to assure funding Gaza through alternative means. Publicly joining Jordan, Norway and Ireland in pledges of maintaining funding are China, Belgium, and Spain among others. Partial sources: "Israel Is Brazenly Defying the Order to Prevent Genocide," John Reynolds, Daniel Finn, Feb. 2, 2024, Z; "In Waging War On The UN Refugee Agency, The West Is Openly Siding With Israeli Genocide," Jonathan Cook, Feb. 1, 2024, Z; "In Global Appeal, UNRWA Says Gazans Likely Won't Survive If Agency Abandoned," Jessica Corbett, Feb. 1, 2024, Common Dreams.


      Oakland California: see previous. Judge Jeffrey White of the U.S. Federal district Court has dismissed Defense for Children International - Palestine v. Biden on the grounds that his court does not have the necessary jurisdiction. This is the usual grounds used in U.S. courts to knock out a challenge to U.S. policy or the officials who make it on charges of genocide or other war crimes, or in defense of resisting the same. Under the Genocide Convention which the U.S. signed and ratified the Convention must be made applicable under the domestic law of signatory nations. American Justice has through legislation and technicalities assured its non-applicability to U.S. officials despite the Convention's Article IV: "Persons committing genocide or any of the other acts enumerated in Article III shall be punished, whether they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or private individuals." Article V states "The Contracting Parties undertake to enact, in accordance with their respective Constitutions, the necessary legislation to give effect to the provisions of the present Convention and, in particular, to provide effective penalties for persons guilty of genocide or of any of the other acts enumerated in Article III." If U.S. Courts cannot judge an effort to prevent the genocide of an entire group of humanity then what meaning does the U.S. system of justice have other than as a lethal ugly stick of the elite? Judge White has forfeited his opportunity to validate American Justice within the U.S. legal system. Yet the Court was aware that "as the ICJ has found, it is plausible that Israel’s conduct amounts to genocide."(Mondoweiss). Partial sources: "US District Court Judge: 'It Is Every Individual’s Obligation To Confront The Current Siege In Gaza'," Juan Cole, Feb. 22, 2024, Z; "Israel intends to ‘eradicate a whole people,’ Bay Area judge says in dismissing suit against Biden," Bob Egelko, Jan.31, 2024, San Francisco Chronicle; "U.S. court: Biden administration should reflect on its ‘unflagging support’ for ‘plausible’ genocide in Gaza," Michael Arria, Feb. 1, 2024, Mondoweiss.



January 28, 2024

      Global: In what appears to be an attempt to counter the force and affect of the International Court of Justice decision of January 26th, France has followed the lead of the US and Italy and Australia and Canada and Great Britain and Finland and the Netherlands and Germany and Switzerland, where the governments have "temporarily" suspended contributions to UNRWA which is the primary UN agency providing humanitarian aid to Palestine. UNRWA tries to save Gazans from starvation. The suspension of aid follows immediately the ICJ's Order for Israel to cease all acts of genocide in Gaza. This would include the intentional starvation of the people. Israel is ignoring the ICJ's order and so are the above countries who are bound by law to accept its decision. The suspension of funding for any reason or contrived reason knowingly abets the genocide. Are these countries seeking a consensus of white suprematist governments to affirm Israel's genocide of Gazans? Are these Western governments asking their citizens to choose between supporting genocide (as several did under Nazi rule), or of resisting? The suspensions extend the current genocide warning and genocide occurring in Gaza. Jordan, Norway and Ireland have assured their continued funding of UNRWA. Partial sources: "France suspends funding for UN Agency for Palestinians over Israeli allegations," Beyza Binnur Donmez, Jan. 28, 2024, Anadolu Agency; "Jordan calls for continued support for UN refugee agency amid Israeli accusations," Laith Al-Junaidi, Jan. 28, 2024, Anadolu Agency; "Türkiye expresses concern over suspension of aid by some countries to UN agency for Palestinians," Anadolu Staff, Jan. 28, 2024, Anadolu Agency; "UNRWA’s lifesaving aid may end due to funding suspension," Philippe Lazzarini (the UNRWA Commissioner General), Jan. 27, 2024, reliefweb; "Which countries have cut funding to UNRWA, and why?" Jan. 28, 2024, Al Jazeera; "Ruling by UN’s top court means Canada and the U.S. could be complicit in Gaza genocide," Jan. 28, 2024, Heidi Matthews, Faisal A. Bhabha, Mohammad Fadel,The Conversation Canada; "Just Like the Nazis Did," music video, David Rovics Youtube (see photos).



January 26, 2024

      The Hague , Netherlands: today at I PM (7 AM Montreal time) the International Court of Justice responded to South Africa's request for "provisional measures" to stop acts of genocide against Gazans. The request accompanies South Africa's charges against Israel for crimes of genocide which may take several years to adjudicate. "Provisional measures" are required when there is a danger of irreparable prejudice - in this case that means when there is a danger the Gazans will be obliterated and so be deprived of their right to legal recourse. The Court under President Joan E. Donoghue (a U.S. lawyer and former State Department employee elected to her position by the UN General Assembly and unanimously by the Security Council) ordered Israel to prevent the commission of all acts under Article II of the Genocide Convention, in particular
a. Killing members of the group;
b. Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group.
c. Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
d. Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
While this does not overtly demand a cease fire which opponents of the decision may continue to use as an excuse for the slaughter, Article II can only be effected by a cease fire. The "Order of 26 January 2024" makes clear that under international law all countries are legally bound to the court's decision. Fifteen of the Court's judges consistently voted for the specific items of prevention in the "Order": President Joan E. Donoghue (United States of America), Vice-President Kirill Gevorgian (Russian Federation), Judges Peter Tomka (Slovakia), Ronny Abraham (France), Mohamed Bennouna (Morocco), Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf (Somalia), Xue Hanqin (China), Dalveer Bhandari, Patrick Lipton Robinson, Nawaf Salam (Lebanon), Iwasawa Yuji (Japan), Georg Nolte (Germany), Hilary Charlesworth (Australia), Leonardo Nemer Caldeira Brant (Brazil), Judge ad hoc Mr. Dikgang Ernest Moseneke (South Africa). Judge Julia Sebutinde (Uganda) consistently voted against the items of prevention. Judge ad hoc Mr. Aharon Aharon Barak (Israel) voted against most of them. The "Order" confirms that at least some of South Africa's allegations of genocide are verifiable, countering Israeli and U.S. claims that South Africa's allegations are spurious. Humanity is indebted to South Africa. Honor and respect for the judges who made an honest decision while the U.S. and NATO are conducting their largest joint military exercises ever in Europe. The entire Court session of 26 January 2024 is available at: video (CTV); transcript (ICJ).


      Oakland California: See previous, "An American Challenge to Genocide." Contrary to expectations the judge at the Northern District Court of California is not Judge Donna M. Ryu, but Judge Jeffrey Steven White originally of Queens New York. Center for Constitutional Rights lawyer Katherine Gallagher presents the Defense for Children International - Palestine v. Biden case, against U.S. President Biden, Secretary of State Blinken and Secretary of Defense Austin, to prohibit further support for the alleged Israeli genocide in Gaza. The plaintiffs are alleging a failure to prevent genocide and these government officials' complicity in genocide. Today's hearing directly follows today's International Court of Justice "Order" for Israel to cease all acts of genocide in Gaza. The U.S. Justice Department argued that the U.S. court has no jurisdiction to challenge political questions of Presidential and Congressional policy. This is the standard U.S. government defense against charges of genocide by U.S. activists who have attempted a "Nuremberg defense" in court for their acts of conscience. It should not apply to crimes under the Genocide Convention. In fact Article IV of the Convention on Genocide is written to specifically apply to government officials. Today expert testimony and personal experience of Palestinians were presented to remind the judge of people. The New York Times finds the case "unlikely to succeed." Partial sources: "Palestinians Take Biden to Federal Court in Groundbreaking Genocide Hearing," Kaitlyn Kennedy, Jan. 26, 2024, TAG24; "Biden: ‘More pressing than ever‘ to remember ‘scourge of antisemitism‘ on Holocaust Remembrance Day," Brett Samuels, Jan 26, 2024, The Hill; "Palestinian Americans‘ Lawsuit in Oakland Seeks to Halt U.S. Support for Israel," Shawn Hubler, Jan.26, 2014, The New York Times; "Arab and Muslim Leaders In Michigan Cancel Meeting With Biden Campaign," Rowaida Abdelaziz, Jan. 26, 2024, Huffpost.



January 16, 2024

      Yemen: the Orinoco Tribune carries the Ansarallah (Houthi) Movement announcement that on Jan. 12, 2024 the U.S. and Great Britain launched 73 strikes (by planes, warships and submarines) against Yemen and three of Yemen's civilian airports. notes the UN estimate that 377,000 were killed in the Saudi Arabian war on Yemen (2015-2022), half by starvation. Continuing a policy that risks obliteration of one of the poorest countries on earth. U.S. President Biden has not asked for or received Congressional approval for these current U.S. / U.K. bombings of Yemen. The Houthi resistance has launched sea attacks against international shipping supplying Israel during a genocide of Palestine. The entry of October 17th, 2015 gives some idea of the previous dehumanization of Yemen: since March when the fighting escalated the risk of famine has tripled, with over half a million children in the process of starving. Another 1.5 million are considered "moderately malnourished." The U.N. Children's Fund (UNICEF) will know by the end of October whether the catastrophe is officially a "famine." UNICEF considers 5,400 killed in the Saudi led military attacks on the Houthi, and of these, 504 children in the last four months. Almasirah TV notes 6979 killed in 200 days, and of these, 1986 children; over 14000 wounded; the infrastructure of this impoverished country is being destroyed (as in the illegal demolition of Iraq's civilian infrastructure, and Yugoslavia's): "14 airports, 10 ports, 357 bridges and roads, 109 station and electricity networks, 104 communications networks, 105 water supply networks," and "1248 schools and educational centers, 34 universities, 214 hospitals, 564 mosques, 161 factories, 52 tourist facilities, 43 archaeological sites, 29 stadiums, 224 markets, 472 food stores, 212 fuel stations, 103 chicken farms." A continuing genocide warning for the people of Yemen as a national group. Partial sources online: "Half a million Yemen children face severe malnutrition: U.N.," Stephanie Nebehay Reuters, Oct. 16, 2015, Yahoo! News; "'Anfujravek' statistical crimes Saudi American aggression," The Civil Coalition for Monitoring the Crimes of Saudi American Agression in Yemen. Oct. 15, 2015, Almasirah TV [access:< >] apprec. nowar/paix list. Partial sources: "'Unconstitutional': Biden criticized for bypassing Congress with Yemen strikes," MEE staff, Jan. 12, 2024, Middle East Eye; "US Launches More Strikes Against Houthis in Yemen as Escalations Continue," Dave DeCamp, Jan.16, 2024,; "Yemen: Escalation spells disaster for civilians still reeling from crisis say INGOs," Jan. 16, 2024, UN OCHA.



"The Syrian people are condemned to die without being able to say a word," Archbishop Jacques Mourad of Homs told Vatican Radio. "It is a terrible and unfair decision. For us, it is as if the world were telling the Syrian people, 'You are condemned to die, without raising your voice, without saying anything.' And for what? What is the fault of the Syrian people?" he asked. - UCA News.
Overwhelmed by the demands of Ukraine and Gaza and the effects of climate change and war on Africa's food supply the UN's World Food Program (WPF), has stopped its support of the currently reliant 12 million Syrians who now face starvation. International monetary restrictions impede aid to those within the country. Aside from a devastating earthquake U.S. troops are occupying Syria's oilfields. Soldiers from the New Jersey National Guard have been assigned. The Assad government which once ran a medically advanced state that could care for its people became the object of covertly incited civil war which has forced millions into exile or displacement with no hope. The U.S. is the major donor to the WFP. A genocide warning continues. Partial sources: "Syria sees 'worst situation ever' as UN food program cuts off aid ," Dale Gavlak, OSV News , Jan. 11, 2024, UCA News; "Syrians lose WFP lifeline as US slashes funding," Natacha Danon, Jan. 16, 2024, Syria direct.


     Cameroon: amid covert destabilization and the results of COVID over ten percent of Cameroon's population faces food insecurity. ISIS related incursions in the northwest and Anglophone "Ambaboy" resistance in the southwest are in effect teamed to destabilize the Francophone government of the aging Paul Biya. Alleged by opponents to be corrupt, Biya has made Cameroon a home for hundreds of thousands of African refugees from countries subverted by Western corporate interests, and so far has spared his own people from genocides. Cameroon's struggle for independence in 1960 risked charges of genocide for its treatment of colonial merchants in the bush. Current claims of a separate Anglophone region in Western Cameroon seem increasingly tied to adjacent Nigeria and British interests. Immediately next to Cameroon is Biafra where you may remember those responsible for a genocide-by-starvation of the Biafran people in the late 1960's. On both sides of the border the region is rich in oil. In northern Nigeria (and adjacent northwestern Cameroon) Fulani herdsman have provided a threat to farmers and villagers. Recently in Bokkus Nigeria, northern but more central to Nigeria than close to Cameroon's border, Nigerian troops are reported to have stood security when Fulani took over a mining town for tinsmithing (Genocide Watch). On the Cameroon side of the border villagers remain under attack from ISIS related groups, countered where possible by Cameroon's military which is also attempting to defend government installations, schools and towns to the south against the Ambaboy units which early took over the country's only oil refinery. A continuing genocide warning for the people of Cameroon and those they shelter. Partial sources: "Washington and London Bomb Yemen; Ansarallah Not Deterred (+Reactions)," Jan. 12, 2024, Orinoco Tribune "Unprecedented acute hunger affects millions of people in Cameroon, December 2023," Jan. 16, 2024, UN OCHA; "Cameroon and Nigeria: the Risk of Breathing," J.B.Gerald, June 29 , 2020,; "Anglophone vs Francophone in Cameroon," J.B.Gerald, Dec. 27, 2019, nightslantern; "Genocide Warnings for Three African States," J.B.Gerald, Sept. 17, 2019,; "Nigerian Army Assists Occupation by Terrorists and Attacks Survivors in Plateau State," Douglas Burton & Masara Kim, Jan. 7, 2024, Genocide Watch.


      Ukraine: the Chilean American journalist Gonzalo Lira, has died in a prison in the Ukraine which did not treat in time his pneumonia, then double pneumonia, and pneumothorax. Lira's father claims the U.S. Embassy refused to help his son. You may remember Gonzalo Lira's forthright, remarkably honest, daring, good natured, candid and verifiable accurate reports from the Ukraine as the Russians first invaded. Newsweek describes him as pro-Russian. His YouTube broadcasts were made while fearing Ukrainian police breaking down his door. He was arrested for his reporting, tortured, on bail arrested again while attempting asylum elsewhere . Presente! Gonzalo Ángel Quintilio Lira López. "American Citizen Jailed in Ukraine for His Political Views Dies," Dave DeCamp. Jan. 14, 2024,; "Who Is Gonzalo Lira? Pro-Putin American Expat Dies in Ukrainian Jail," James Bickerton, Jan. 13, 2024, Newsweek.



January 12, 2024.

      Chalk River, Ontario: on Jan. 20 2018 noted the intention of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) (a private company contracted by Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd to work its holdings) to build a surface nuclear waste disposal mound facility within a kilometre of the Ottawa River, less than 200 kilometres above Ottawa. Eventually this may risk the regional water table and drinking water of the capital city and lands by the river in Ontario and Quebec down to Montreal and beyond. 2024 has started with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission approval of the project, despite ongoing Indigenous opposition. Of eleven Algonquin tribes recognized by the government, ten have strongly objected. As I understand it, the project lacks proper Indigenous consent, which openly violates Article 29(2) of the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The Green Party and the Bloc Québécois have supported the Chiefs . A Bloc report of 2022 found the region unsafe for the nuclear waste facility due to a seismic zone through the west of Quebec and Ottawa valley. Partial sources: "Algonquin chiefs disappointed but unsurprised by radioactive dump approval," Celeste Decaire, Jan.11, 2024, CBC; "Radioactive waste site ‘shoved down our throats,’ critics say," Matteo Cimellaro & Natasha Bulowski, Jan. 11,2024, Ottawa Insider; "Report details dumping water contaminated with tritium, PCBs, other toxins from Rolphton, Ont., site," Julie Ireton, Mar 21, 2018, CBC News; "Algonquin First Nations oppose giant radioactive waste mound beside the Ottawa River on their unceded territory," June 20, 2023, Anishinabek, News; "Bloc Québécois stands with Algonquin Nation against proposed nuclear waste site," Matteo Cimellaro, Oct 31, 2023, Pembroke Observer.



January 11, 2024

      Gaza. In a case well covered by NATO media the International Court of Justice is hearing January 11th and 12 South Africa's request that the Court immediately demand Israel cease its genocidal actions against Gaza. The case also alleges genocide related charges (see: previous and South Africa's Application Instituting Proceedings). Israel's initial defense January 12th will be thoroughly presented by establishment media. Indications from Israel's leaders and pro-Israel press suggest both seem to be in denial as the ongoing reports of atrocities in Gaza break the norms of civilized society, international law, the Nuremburg code, Geneva Conventions, the laws of war and human decency. Aware of Israel's military attacks on humanitarian workers amid an overwhelming public health disaster the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) released a report January 5th stating "Gaza has simply become uninhabitable." It counsels "an immediate end to the war." According to UNICEF "Intensifying conflict, malnutrition and disease in the Gaza Strip creates a deadly cycle that threatens over 1.1 million children [EN/AR]," Jan. 5, 2024, "Cases of diarrhea in children under five years of age rose from 48,000 to 71,000" in a week. On Dec. 21rst, the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification predicted famine - "almost 1.2 million people are experiencing emergency levels of acute food insecurity." "80 per cent of young children are experiencing severe food poverty" ("Statement by UNICEF on the risk of famine in the Gaza Strip," Dec. 22, 2023, UNICEF). Malnutrition, starvation, lack of potable water, a destroyed health system, lack of medical supplies and emergency humanitarian aid increase the mortality rate from Israel's civilian bombing and ground operations. B'tselem says simply "Israel is starving Gaza" (Jan. 8, 2024). As reported by Anadolu Agency Jan. 10th ("Health situation in Gaza 'beyond catastrophic': Officials," Aysu Biçer) 30 of Gaza's 36 hospitals have been taken completely out of commission. Beyond the statements by Israeli officials and the staggering death rate of women and children such and similar war crimes suggest the intention of genocide. Of war crimes associated with direct profit, The New Arab reports Jan. 6 "Israeli forces digging up cemetery graves and stealing bodies." On Nov. 26, 2023 Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor raised warnings of organ theft by Israel, after documenting the digging up of bodies in the courtyard of Al Shifa hospital which were not released by Israeli forces. Among allegations the article notes that in 2008 a CNN investigation thought Israel to be the primary hub for illegal international organ trade as it participated in organ theft from Palestinian casualties. The Palestine Chronicle reports Jan. 7th, "Israeli Army Loots Money, Gold Items Worth Millions from Gaza," with an estimated value of 25 million U.S. dollars, at checkpoints for those evacuating, or robbing the evacuated homes (evacuations were ordered by the State). In the U.S. and Canada the political elites continue to refuse to demand and effect a ceasefire.



January 5, 2024

*     Gaza: see (previous). The Nightslantern entry of Dec. 31rst gives the Gazan death toll as nearing 30,000. This figure relies on a Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor report for all Palestinians. To quote the Euro-Med news article/press release of December 27th, 2023, "Nearly 30,000 Palestinians killed during 82-day Israeli genocide in Gaza,": As of Tuesday 26 December, 29,124 Palestinians had been killed, the human rights organisation said. The majority of those killed in the Israeli air and artillery attacks on the Gaza Strip were civilians, including 11,422children, 5,822 women, 481 health personnel, and 101 journalists. Most international news reports (Xinhua, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, etc.) use lower death toll statistics from the Gaza Ministry of Health - often described as "Hamas-run." Reuters reports ("How many Palestinians have died in Gaza? Death toll explained," Ali Sawafta, Maggie Fick, Dec. 9, 2023) suggest that the Gaza Ministry of Health has not been able to supply an accurate count. Centered in Gaza at the Al Shifa hospital after Oct. 7th, by December of four workers one was killed and three dispersed by Israeli military action. The Ministry of Health reports are said not to take into account Gazans buried by the bombing or those who didn't reach hospitals. Reports are increasingly estimates and infrequent as Gaza's health system is destroyed. During U.S. and Coalition wars on Iraq, casualty statistics released by participants reflected the needs of information-war. High casualty statistics are bad for morale. Military advantage gained by slaughtering large numbers of civilians is not justifiable. Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor is a youth-concerned human rights non-profit, based in Geneva Switzerland: its trustees are chaired by Richard Falk, a respected Professor emeritus of International Law at Princeton.



2023 suppressed news



A branch that comes from violence will not take root;
for a blighted root is on sheer rock, like reeds by the
banks of a river, which are dried up before any grass; but
kindness, like eternity, will never be cut off, and faithfulness
will be established forever
- from Ben Sira
(Dead Sea Scrolls Bible, Abegg et al)


at first posting in 2002 this bulletin board was for emergency protests, attempts to counter
genocide, anti-war information, which were suppressed in the media; my interest remains in
how a society is moved into what have become genocidal wars, and how people are able to
resist... it becomes a kind of history in motion and a way to counter enforced forgetfulness,
the lies that say these things never happened, or that there is nothing wrong with the murders
of hundreds of thousands of innocents in other countries, or the continuing move toward
eradication of the poor by death, in north america; this account is against forgetfulness. - jbg








by john bart gerald
graphics by julie maas
guest contributions as noted
February 3, 2024