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"On U.S. Intelligence Predictions for 2030"
By J. B. Gerald

      Aside from corporate, clandestine and criminal sources, in 2012 the U.S. Intelligence community received 75.4 billion dollars of government funding. At the pinnacle of this apparatus the U.S. Director of National Intelligence reports to the U.S. President, advises both the National Security Council and Homeland Security and directs the entire U.S. Intelligence community. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence recently released its predictions for 2030: Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds (National Intelligence Council, NIC 2012-001, December 2012).

      Its vision of the future, available online [access:< >], threatens everyone. The programs and concerns of a U.S. Intelligence community are those of a group causing more suffering and death to more people than any group of wage earners in human history. Under the pretence of prediction its report simply affirms what's happening now.

      The propaganda basis for the document rests in presupposing the future of the world's peoples as its domain. According to Global Trends 2030, the U.S. doesn't plan to take over the world. The report doesn't assume the U.S. will continue as the world order's primary "systemic guardian and guarantor." It does suggest that a sudden withdrawal from this role would result in global anarchy. To cope with declining U.S. power a number of alternatives are offered in a multiple choice of what future would you like.

      What the report leaves out is overtly claiming a victory for its own ideology in 2030. It takes for granted the continuation of corporate enterprise. It carefully avoids imagining a global judicial system. Its stance as a reader-of-trends avoids moral interface. By not envisioning a system of international law, there's to be no accountability for its crimes incurred in creating a new world order. Among laws to cope with these crimes the Convention on Genocide has no statute of limitations, so there are no predictions of a just world under law.

      Predictably the report sees a harvesting of the benefits of science and research funding to universities. For health, without actually mentioning eugenics it foresees diagnostic genetic testing of everyone. Health care expenses will increase. Its view of human biological augmentation (notably for those who can pay) suggests a deep economic divide of rich and poor. It foresees genetically modified as well as transgenic crops for food and fuel.

      The very rich are discretely ignored as a force. The very poor barely exist, and in their absence poverty will decrease. What exactly happens to all who are currently disenfranchised, about fifteen years from now, is left to the imagination. Currently 25% of U.S. children are eating with the help of food stamps. The report sees the future as the rise of the middle class with education as its key. An international class of technocrats and the middle classes fill the scenarios as consumers. India is valued above China since India's middle class is growing more quickly to add millions of consumers to the world's economy.

      U.S. energy hopes are pinned on natural gas and fracking; solar energy is discounted. There's absolutely no mention at all of nuclear power as an energy source.

      The trend readers/trendsetters foresee less war as entire populations rise in age. Water will increasingly be the "source of contention." Weaponry advances are expected for precision strike capabilities, cyber instruments, and biological warfare. Nuclear detonations are mentioned as factors of cyber-warfare, suggesting there are no serious plans for nuclear disarmament. As in the energy sector there's no mention of the U.S. nuclear weapons program, nuclear contamination or nuclear waste, or the nuclear industry, or their effects. The word "radiation" doesn't appear anywhere in the report. Aside from a cautionary glance at the Brazilian rainforest, other factors in the terminal degradation of the environment simply don't exist. Sharing no information on long term effects of contaminated food and water, the report entirely fails to inter-relate decrease in food production with habitat destruction; so there's a lack in understanding of motivation for contemporary wars and resistance.

      The "trend forecasters" foresee strengthened nationalism but hypothesize a world of city-states as easily as of nations or corporations; these are all oriented to consumerism. The report is entirely materialistic, surreal in avoidance of whether the water's safe to drink. The role of religion is seen as increasing, but religion is also an embarrassing phenomenon, with possible sources of terrorism extending from Islam to Christianity and Hinduism, though curiously not Judaism. Culture itself is ignored. As a group, the Intelligence community may have developed a sense of the Arts in service to mind control and mass programming, but no sense at all of the cultural requirements necessary to sustain life. The report shows no concern for the individual or individual awareness. Within its perspective a non-state world cedes to "universities" and business. No concern at all is shown for the fate of vulnerable groups or minorities and no respect for human differentiation. The innate orientation to mass movements and trends makes all exceptions an inconvenience. For the trends of its concerns to evolve as predicted, may require massive mind control programs cohering the disparate cultural groups which make up humanity. The report takes this mechanism for granted. Under the Intelligence community's increasingly control, a subservient news media adjusts the people's perception of current events to its own agenda.

      Specific insights to U.S. policy objectives are available in the listing of failed states and their future. The report's definition of "state failures" relies less on 'disintegration' meaning the use of torture, persecution of its minorities, aggression against other nations, than the security of a nation's middle class. The listed state failures are states which are currently functioning but with domestic challenges to U.S. policy. These are African or Eastern nations, but include Haiti from the new world. The Office of the National Director of Intelligence expects little change for any of them in the future. For example the Democratic Republic of Congo, number 7 on the failed state list currently, is slated to remain number 7 in 2030, despite the ongoing genocide caused by corporate interests. Conclusion: absolutely nothing the U.S. elite plans will improve conditions for the people of Somalia, Burundi, Yemen, Uganda, Afghanistan, Malawi, DRC, Kenya, Nigeria, Niger, Pakistan, Chad, Haiti, Ethiopia, Bangladesh.

      Eleven of these countries destined for perpetual servitude in the new world order have predominantly Black populations, suggesting the Intelligence community's innate but increasing reliance on a global caste system, if not the overt racism established through the assassinations of the early Sixties.

      Optimistically concerned with the economic results of tactical applications of power, Global Trends 2030 shows a startling, possibly terminal lack of concern for human beings.


By John Bart Gerald, January 12, 2013
Posted Jan. 12, 2013



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