Full text of letter March 19, 2003 to human rights organizations
Subject: Genocide Warning

Re. the people of Iraq

Dear people or organization

To the best of my knowledge the people of Iraq are in danger of being destroyed by military action and ongoing effects. The intention to destroy is clear in the first Gulf war targeting of civilian infra-structure, and in the years of Sanctions which have denied Iraq's recovery.

As you know, destruction or partial destruction of a national group breaks international law under the United Nations"Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crimeof Genocide." It is a crime that carries no statute of limitations.

The legal establishments of countries participating in the first Gulf war haven't applied the Convention on Genocide to national actions against Iraq so the world is again about to witness the possible destruction of a people.

If the Convention on Genocide isn't applied, what national group or grouping of people, provides the next victims ?

In light of this Convention, it may be necessary to independently document the effects of aggression against Iraq and the continuing damage to Iraq's people, so that the Convention can be accurately applied and the powerful held accountable.

John Bart Gerald


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