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Night's Lantern
Author and editor: John Bart Gerald
Graphic artist and art editor: Julie Maas
Guest appearances: as credited
Publisher: John Bart Gerald and Julie Maas
Webmaster: Gerald
(514) 287-3244

Publisher's note:
We began publishing our works in New York City, in 1978, initially as author & artist, then J.B.Gerald & J.Maas in New England and Gerald and Maas in Ontario. Aside from some of our own works we brought out René Tavernier in 1984, Albert Schweitzer in 1985, and in 1989 the U.N.'s Convention on Genocide with related U.N. texts when the Convention was out of print at the United Nations. We make most of our works in-house. Our current website has provided genocide warnings and suppressed news updates since 2001. Not funded.  





posted april 14, 2005
updated may 15, 2016